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More hours in the day

If you want to get more done, have more time in general but especially have more time for you, more time to think… then you are in the right place.


If you want more hours in the day, investing in the proven online ‘Save 10 hours a week’ course will teach you how to save time in just 10 weeks.


If you find yourself thinking…

  • I need more time
  • There’s too much to do
  • There’s no time for fun
  • There’s no time to relax

…it is very likely that you are spending too much time at work and not allowing yourself any time out, certainly not on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have attended time management training in the past for a day or half a day, however the strategies you learnt haven’t really lasted for you and you find yourself continually fire-fighting and procrastinating instead of dealing with the more important tasks on a daily basis.

You are probably very good at your job however this doesn’t always mean that effective time management comes easily to you – it is a skill in itself and one that needs to be learnt and adapted as life changes around you.

It is a fact of life that we will never be able to get everything done, so we must choose carefully what to do first, what to do second and which activities we will not do at all.

Contact me today to find out how to change this pattern of behaviour as soon as possible or choose to work together via the proven ‘Save 10 hours a week’ course that I provide.

I regularly work with people who are rushing through life, working too many hours, wishing for more hours in the day and worrying that they rarely have enough time for relaxing.

Now this can all change, as working together we can have a look at what you are doing currently and agree some new strategies to follow to make better use of your time.

If you are feeling lonely at the top this page may be of interest to you too.  Call me on 01295 272263 to discuss how we can work together to overcome the other challenges that you face, as well as overcoming the need for more hours in the day.