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Why I love Twitter

Reasons why I love Twitter…

This post is quite a long one but I feel passionately about the advantages of Twitter so I had a lot to write! I hope you enjoy, it is a balanced article that lets you know just how useful it has been and continues to be, for me.

Why I love Twitter

Some people do not ‘get’ Twitter. I didn’t understand it either, before I got into it properly. The most common questions and observations I have come across are as follows:

  • What do you write?
  • How do you find the time?
  • It’s better to have real friends, not online friends
  • What is the point?

I started to really get into Twitter in May 2010 and seemed to gather 100 new followers per month which I was quite pleased about. I didn’t really know what to write either to start with, so I just used to post questions and comments about life and coaching, my thoughts and so on. Then people started to respond and I found that it was really easy to connect with like-minded people.

Fairly soon I had my first new client, simply through tweeting! This encouraged me to keep on tweeting and I haven’t looked back. I see it as a way to help and support other people who may like to be inspired or motivated, who enjoy the odd positive tip here and there and who like to brighten their day (from the feedback that I receive!)

Shortly after my first new Twitter client I gained further new clients and these are not just local people, they are from various parts of the UK so far; as I provide online and telephone coaching the service they are receiving is second to none and it is so exciting to be found via Twitter.

Benefits of Twitter

When buying from Twitter… People can see who they are really buying from, they can find out what that person is like, what they have to say, what they are interested in and so on. Where else can you find out about a prospective supplier in so much detail, before making a purchase? I don’t think there is

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anywhere else quite like it.

And once I am coaching a client who I have met through Twitter it is so easy to be in touch with each other, which enhances our relationship even more. I already know that I provide a very high quality, ongoing committed relationship to my clients, but if we are on Twitter as well then we can be in touch on an almost daily basis, if a client wants to be. The choice is ours/theirs. And it doesn’t take much of my time!

I have met some fantastic real-life people via Twitter, as follows:

  • I have met a lovely friend who is also a coach but a different type of coach and we have got along really well, helped each other out with our different skill sets and we wouldn’t have met in any other way, check out Clare @clutterclare
  • I have bought bespoke poetry from someone in the Lake District for my daughter’s 21st Birthday and for my son when he went off on his travels around the world – I wouldn’t have known that this was possible, without Twitter! She provided a fantastic service and all without a hitch, go check Amy out… @Iwantapoem
  • I bought cupcakes from Jessica, locally @jessicascupcakes which were delicious and personally delivered to my door
  • I bought Christmas and Birthday presents from @vinylclocks delivered to my door ready gift wrapped and with excellent service all round

Towards the end of 2010 I thought it might be a good idea to meet some of the local people that I had met via Twitter. I posted out a few tweets and got a lot of interest, so I started a Tweetup group for Banbury, imaginatively I called it the #BanburyTweetup group, and this has been going for well over a year now. Through this I have made some great friends and our meetings are thoroughly enjoyable, low key but always useful – we all come away with some useful hints and tips that we have shared and which ultimately make our days more interesting and more effective. It is simply a reason to go to the pub once a month, talk Twitter and social media and have some nice food and drink whilst we are there!

So it brings online networking offline and enables us to connect at a deeper level, more quickly as we have already ‘broken the ice’ so to speak, via Twitter. When we first met up at the Tweetup, people hugged me and seemed delighted to meet for real, it is as though you already know the person, so totally removes the wariness or uncertainty that can be there when you meet someone brand new for the first time, at a meeting or event.

Twitter is a great information tool – I follow like-minded people, who inspire and motivate me, who tell me the news and what is going on in their world, in only 140 characters. I dislike watching or listening to the news or even reading newspapers – I do not like all the negative stuff that is out there, but by being connected to the right people on Twitter I can find out all that I need to know, more quickly than in any other way, as Twitter usually has the news before radio, TV and certainly before the newspapers.

People on Twitter are very community orientated and I think, look out for each other. You can ask a question and get a response instantly, you can find out that you are not the only one with Blackberry problems, for example, the minute you start to realise that in fact your Blackberry has been quiet for a while – very reassuring and stops you having to make a phone call to find out what is going on.

I have contacted like-minded companies and written articles for their websites, we have shared website links and so on, see @onlydads and @onlymums. All down to a few simple 140 character questions and answers. Magic.

I have connected with Rachel Elnaugh @rachelelnaugh whom I have always admired from afar and now I can tweet her and she has tweeted and followed me too.

I have recommended Twitter to many business people who weren’t sure what the benefits would be and they are all benefiting from this amazing tool.

Does it take all of my time? No way. I look at it first thing in the morning and also during early evening, if I can. During the day I may just have a quick look and tweet the odd thing or re-tweet somebody’s interesting tweet, but no, it is about control! I am in control of it and I will only use it when it suits me rather than being beholden to it.

So to anyone out there who is unsure about Twitter I would say this:

  • Do you want to find out what is going on around you, quickly and easily?
  • Do you want to meet friendly new people?
  • Do you like to talk to like-minded people?
  • Can you exercise self-control?!
  • Would you like to increase your clients?
  • Would you like to purchase some unusual items that you may not find anywhere else?
  • Do you want to tweet?!
  • It’s quick, painless, effective, sociable, fun, inspiring. In simple terms, I believe, it’s good for you, good for the soul and good for business. Give it a try!

So please feel free to follow me on Twitter @Claire_Fuller – I look forward to meeting and tweeting with you soon!


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