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What’s wrong with champion athletes and highly successful business entrepreneurs?

You may think this is an odd question.

Although Coaching has been around for many years and I have been involved with it full time since 2003, I still come across people who do not fully understand or even know about Coaching.

A misconception that some people have is “there’s nothing wrong with me – I don’t need any coaching”. Well that’s all good that there isn’t anything wrong because coaching isn’t for when things are wrong. It is for when you are already pretty successful in your own right but you want to do even better.

Let me give you an example.

Think about all the successful and / or famous people that you know…

champion athletesThe top athletes during the Olympics last year – did they achieve their massive feats all on their own? No, they didn’t. Yes they personally have great levels of fitness, motivation, desire, mental capacity and so on, however the question for these people isn’t ‘Do they have a coach?’ But rather, ‘How many coaches do they have?’

Similarly, highly successful business entrepreneurs do not get there alone. They get there by investing in external support on a regular basis. They choose to have someone who is always on their side who really wants the best for them, challenges them and ensures that they make ’it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ happens to be.

Most people are only performing at 50% of their potential…

…and that’s on a good day. What happens to the other 50%? Do we just become complacent and think that we’re doing OK?

Some people do and that’s their choice. But if you knew that you could achieve much more than you are doing currently, wouldn’t you want to do something about it?

I find it completely exhilarating working with my clients and helping them to unleash their extra 50%. Just as I feel on top of the world after sessions with my coach.

Working with someone external to your situation who only knows as much as you tell them is such a powerful relationship to be involved in. No one else can provide this level of support. There are no preconceived ideas, no hidden agendas, no jealousies or restrictions placed on you, just the freedom to say what you want, air your views, thoughts and opinions, all so that you can become just who you want to be. Very liberating.

successful imageSo what is RIGHT with champion athletes and highly successful business entrepreneurs?

  • Firstly they acknowledge that they want to go as far as they can, probably in all areas of their life
  • Secondly they are already successful but want to be even more so and they know that they cannot do it all on their own
  • Thirdly they know their strong points and accept their weaker areas – they are in tune with themselves
  • They know that getting a clearer perspective on their life will be highly beneficial
  • They are prepared to work hard to get the results they desire
  • They never give up – if they sometimes think that they want to, they know their coach will help them through this blip
  • They know that working with someone else who is not family or a friend is a most successful relationship
  • They believe in themselves and want to give as much as they can
  • They are committed to achieving the end result they desire and are not afraid of change and action

If you want or need to make changes in your life, for financial reasons, for fulfilment reasons, for happiness reasons, when will you decide to go ahead and take action rather than sit and think about it? Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s corny

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but it’s also true.

If you want to overcome your procrastination and get the important things done in your life…

If you want to increase your billable hours each and every week…

If you want to reduce your stress and increase your profit… you are in the right place.

I LOVE to help people take small steps each week that lead to HUGE improvements that last for life.

Take a new small step in the right direction as soon as possible…

Call me on 07783 107 236 or email me [email protected] to discuss the plans that you have in your head, the ones that you hardly dare make happen. Together we can do it.


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