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Two Business Review or Life Review Sessions

If you feel that you are stuck in a rut with regard to either your business, your life, or both, investing in 2 x 90 minute Business Review or Life Review sessions will ensure that you obtain clarity around what is important to you.  These sessions will highlight the action that you really want to be taking, the plans you want to be making and in what time scale.

As a business owner or busy professional you know it makes sense to keep on top of all that is happening in your business but sometimes you know that you are not always focusing on the most important areas.  Perhaps you find it hard to stay focused and tend to procrastinate?  After all, it is much easier to do the urgent but non-important tasks than to get motivated and crack on with the most essential activities.

Maybe family and home life prove distracting from time to time and take you away from your big picture.  Accepting that this may be happening is the first step to taking control and finding new ways of dealing with your situation.

Working with someone external to your business enables you to:

  • see things more clearly
  • take an objective view on your situation
  • decide what YOU would like the next steps to be.

In our Business Review or Life Review sessions we will go through a series of questions to understand where you are right now.  We will then find out how you feel about areas of your life and business and will put a score on these so that you know where you are starting from and can then track your ongoing progress.

When you come back for the second session we will check your progress and set further plans and goals both for the short term and the longer term.  You will feel invigorated and excited about your future.

The two sessions must be held within a six week time frame for maximum benefit for you.

Clients who have previously worked with me via a Business Review or Life Review have been thrilled to obtain focus and then create a clear Action Plan to go away and implement.

“Our initial meeting really brought home to me how seriously I needed to make a change.  I just wanted to put things into action.  Since our meeting I’ve made some major changes…

Its exciting and incredibly daunting, but I feel much happier that I have this plan and am sticking to it.  Our talk really helped and your positive attitude was a breath of fresh air. It was good to voice things and not feel uncomfortable in any way.”

You can book your Business Review or Life Review sessions instantly.  Simply pay via the Paypal button below then I shall email you with further details.  I look forward to working with you in the near future.


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