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Strengths and Values

I am continuing to create blog posts for each letter of the alphabet and as I am now up to ‘S’, this one is all about our Strengths and Values.

Strengths and ValuesAre you fully aware of your strengths and values?  Have you ever stopped to consider what you’re particularly good at and what you really value in life?

I have found that many people don’t really like to ‘talk themselves up’ or think especially well of themselves, it may be something to do with our upbringing, especially if we’re British!

However, this is a huge shame and something that I believe needs to change.

When we decide that we can think well of ourselves, our life takes an amazing turn for the better.  Once we believe in ourselves and our ability, importantly, others do too.  Knowing our strengths and values and working in alignment with them, helps us to have a positive perspective about ourselves.

I have worked with hundreds of people since 2003 and sharing exercises around our strengths and values has always proved to be not only useful but also very powerful.

The truth is that no-one is or can be good at everything.

Yes, life is all about learning and developing new skills, I fully embrace that.

However as we get a little older we are faced with a choice; do we want to learn new skills – even those we find difficult or do we want to improve the skills that we already have and enjoy and are in all likelihood, very good at?

We are free to choose and to go with our decision.  There is no right or wrong way, we can choose what we do and in making that choice, we will increase our self-awareness, this too will enhance our life.  We can stop beating ourselves up about things we don’t do and instead, talk ourselves up (at least internally!) about the things we are great at.

Find out, what does each team member enjoy and do best?

Among a group of people, discovering what each individual enjoys, or excels at and enabling or encouraging them to use those skills, is truly the best use of everyone’s time, energy and resources.

Working to each individual’s best ability saves time and money whilst concurrently helping that person to enjoy each day, to feel engaged with their work and to therefore be a joy to be around.  The knock-on effect of a happy productive workforce is vast.

Compare this with your team potentially finding their work too difficult, disliking the task at hand and doing a poor job?

We cannot be good at everything, there are so many skills that we could have but I believe that it’s better to perfect and finely tune those which we enjoy, those which we naturally have a talent for and therefore those which we will tend to find the easiest.

A brilliant quote by Bill Gates…

‘I choose a lazy person to do a hard job.   Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’

How fantastic is that?!

It sounds so obvious but when I first heard that I was really excited by it.  It’s such a simple concept and one that we could all use and benefit from.


So, armed with the knowledge of our strengths, imagine if we then progress on to consider our values in life, i.e. what is really important to you?  What makes your life worthwhile?

These are useful open questions which when you ask them of yourself, you will be amazed at what comes to you – values really can be anything at all – just think simply – what enhances your life and makes you come alive?

Taking into account our values as well as our strengths we then have a truly motivated and productive team able to work happily in alignment with their innermost feelings.  Excellent!

Remember, life isn’t meant to be difficult…

…so let’s work together so that we all enjoy our work, our lives and our families.  If we can all work together to find the easiest or best way of doing what needs to be done, then we will all have more energy, more time and more fun and happiness in our lives.  Isn’t that what we all want?

All of this is what keeps me doing the work that I do.  Thanks so much for reading.