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Specialist Staff Support Package

A Big Welcome… to Your Very Special Private Page.

This very special private page is specifically for you if you’ve been provided with the Specialist Staff Support Package from within the NHS. Congratulations!

Specialist Staff Support PackageThis 12 week programme on which you’re about to register and benefit from is called ‘How to be Free from Stress for Life’ and details on how to begin are included on this page.

Firstly however, let me tell you more about this unique programme.

You’ll be carefully guided and supported over the next 12 weeks.  You will be following proven processes which have created dramatic positive results for all who have used them, since 2003.

You’ll be able to become Free from Stress for Life by simply following the 12 weekly steps. Instead of feeling stressed you will be able to successfully and proactively handle all that comes your way, both at work and at home.

You’ll find that you feel happier more often and much more confident. The changes that you seek and desire will start to happen very early on in the programme and they will continue to develop further each week.

The main exciting benefits of this programme are as follows:

  1. You’ll learn how to replace ANY stress with reassuring calmness and composure
  2. You’ll be able to increase your self-confidence and positivity making everything easier to handle
  3. You’ll discover what you’re really good at and you’ll start to do more of those things
  4. You’ll find out how to become more assertive and be comfortable with doing so, more frequently
  5. You’ll discover exactly where happiness is and how to be so much happier in your life
  6. You’ll learn how to build your self-belief and self-esteem so that you’ll always be strong in difficult situations
  7. You’ll decide to plan a lot more time for the important things in YOUR life
  8. You’ll become much more motivated and increase your enjoyment of your work and home life as a result
  9. You’ll find it easier to value yourself far more; when you value yourself, anything is possible
  10. You’ll be able to create much better balance in your life; improving your health and well-being by doing so

Specialist Staff Support Package————————————————————————–

“I’m much more confident since working on this programme, both at work and outside of work.”



A    So that you can obtain maximum benefit for yourself via this programme, it will be good to approach the exercises and information with an open mind, there are no right or wrong answers, simply jot down whatever comes to you at the time.

B    Some of the exercises you may like to read, then go away and come back again, before replying, others will generate instant responses from you!

Specialist Staff Support Package——————————————————————————

“I find the questions friendly and conversational, not clinical or difficult.”


“I have found the Values exercise to be very useful”


Alongside the online secure and interactive programme are the following optional facilities:

  • Monthly Group Meetings online.  These are there for you to ask any questions as they may occur.  You can ask them before the call by emailing them to me, or live on the call if you’re available at that time. If you wish to remain anonymous this is all OK too.  All the online group meetings will be recorded and you will be able to access them at any time to suit you.
  • There is also a Secure Forum for you to post questions, discussions or ideas for other group members to add their thoughts and ideas to.  In this way, real connections will be made with those who are in similar situations to you; this in turn reinforces your learning and personal development still further.

Specialist Staff Support Package


Please note: So that we can include as many questions as possible, do email your questions to me well ahead and I shall do my best to cover yours!

How to Access the Monthly Group Meetings:

You will receive emails with the login details and reminders each month.

This is a very positive experience for us all.

I sincerely love helping other people to become fulfilled, motivated and happy in their work and their home life.  I have been helping people in this way since 2003 and I really enjoy seeing the huge and vital changes that people make.

Specialist Staff Support Package with Claire FullerTo find out more about me do visit my About Claire page; you can also follow me on Twitter @Claire_Fuller and tweet me!


To keep the momentum going you will receive concise, friendly, weekly emails from me letting you know when the next module will be available, the topic that will be covered and how it will help you.

All that you need to do is set aside 15 – 20 minutes each week to work on this programme and you will create massive, positive, beneficial changes in your life.


“It is cathartic and very beneficial, I consider it to be quality time for me and I enjoy it.”


If you have any questions at all you can email me [email protected] or contact me via the Forum or Twitter as mentioned above.

If you have an urgent need to contact me and you would like to call me or text me, my mobile is 07783 107 236.

I will always do my best to reply to you within 24 hours (max) between Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 17:00 GMT.

NOW, Let’s Get Started!

1    Here are the links to our Quick Start Guides giving you a Summary of the Programme Content:


Quick Start Programme Guide Text Format


To register for the programme and enable the weekly reminder emails to be sent to you, please enter your name and email address in the boxes below.


To access your Programme, simply click the link in the email that you will automatically receive, to confirm your request for information from me.  You will then receive the email containing your unique Programme Link.  You will simply be required to set up a username and password and then you will be taken into the secure interactive platform (called JigsawBox).

The JigsawBox system is very easy to use, however you must ensure that you click ‘SAVE’ after each of your replies to the questions, then when you have completed the module, click the ‘SUBMIT TO COACH’ button at the end of the module.  In this way your work will be successfully saved (and not lost!)

I wish you the best of luck, I really look forward to working together with you as you take the 12 vital steps enabling you to become ‘Free from Stress for Life’.  

We will be in touch again soon.

All best wishes,

Claire Fuller

P.S. This page is here for you, so if there is anything you’re unsure of do feel free to pop back here anytime or email me as above with any questions.