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September 2012 Special Offer

More hours in the day at 25% discount – 5 places only.

I would like to offer you something very special between 14th – 28th September 2012.  If you are always looking for more hours in the day and find that you often have to work during evenings and weekends to get everything done, this offer will quickly change your life.  If you would prefer to be indulging in hobbies or spending more time with your family and friends, I can help you to make some vital changes over the next few weeks.

Since 2003 I have been working with hundreds of busy professionals who have decided that enough is enough and that they are no longer prepared to keep working all the hours.  They have decided they really want to make some changes.

For this reason I have designed and built a unique course which enables you to find more hours in the day and save at least 10 hours per week for the activities that are currently proving to be very elusive!

Save 10 Hours A Week EXTRA is a three month course and is usually available at an investment of £1050.  It includes 10 weekly modules of unique online resources, relevant books and accessories and 6 hours of 1:1 time with me.

However, my Special Offer to you between 14th and 28th September 2012 is as follows:

I have just 5 of these courses available to the first 5 people to email me [email protected] or call me on 01295 272263… for just £787 – a fantastic 25% discount.  So if you have been pondering the merits of working fewer hours and going home earlier, but are not sure how you can achieve it – together we can make it happen.

The key benefits of creating more hours in the day by saving 10 hours a week are that you will be able to:

• Feel calm and relaxed even when you have tasks that still need to be done
• Plan how to spend your time more effectively
• Be more assertive with others
• Become much more focused
• Delegate more frequently and more appropriately
• Replace frustrations with clear plans of action
• See you friends and family more often
• Build your self confidence and self esteem
• Be positive even when things seem too difficult
• Regain control in your life

Remember: There are only 5 courses available at this Special Discounted Rate and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  The normal price resumes of £1050.

Please note: to ensure you start to change your life as soon as possible, our first session must be booked before 5.30pm on 28th September 2012.

To buy simply click on the Paypal button below.  I will then contact you shortly to send you the course and book our first appointment.


I look forward to working with you so that you can claim back some time for you, from the moment we start work together.


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