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Pain and Positivity

Pain and PositivitySeven weeks ago I completely missed seeing a step coming out of the Ladies toilet at our local train station and consequently I fell over, dropping my bags and looking less than elegant!  I was on my way to a meeting in London and I still went, however I was in quite some pain and I was limping when I needed to walk!

Being a very positive person I decided that I would be absolutely fine and the pain would soon subside.  I took ibuprofen and the meeting went well.

When I returned home I rested a bit, then the next day, I took it a little easier than I would do usually.  I was in a fair amount of pain however I decided that it would soon be better and that was that.

Eleven days later and not having made much progress…

I went to the doctor who sent me to A& E who then sent me to the fracture clinic – oops!

They decided I had either broken a metatarsal or a toe but either way they were not going to do anything about it – it would fix itself in time.

So, for the past seven weeks I have hardly been anywhere, I have been unable to drive and yes it has been rather uncomfortable for most of that time. I have worked with clients online and by telephone – which has been great, but I’ve had hardly any face to face meetings.

On Monday this week I decided to see a physio – thinking that my new ‘style’ of walking had become ‘not the best’ and that I should do something about it.

She ‘told me off’ and said that I should have gone to see her much sooner – as now I have a condition called plantar fasciitis and this is what has been causing me so much pain.

She treated it and gave me some exercises, convinced that whatever was broken will now be fixed.  I have started to feel a little more human this week and have now started driving again, phew.  I’m going to the physio again tomorrow and hope that soon it will be completely healed.

The lessons I have learned and would like to share with you:

  1. Being a positive person is good – up to a point!  When it comes to a possible fracture – do go to the doctor or A&E straight away, on day 1 or day 2 latest – that is what they’re there for!
  2. Pain was also a sign that I should have done something about it, not just taken painkillers and carried on trying to be ‘brave’ – some days more brave than others!
  3. To put my own health and fitness higher up the list of priorities, before work, before helping others and in fact before everything else.
  4. Without our full health we cannot help others so well, if at all, so putting our own health first is NOT selfish, it is the most important priority we can set.
  5. To always watch out for steps when least expecting them!

(One of the reasons that I didn’t go to the doctor initially is because I fell over our own front door step several years ago and the pain was much much worse, so I thought this time I would be fine!)

In conclusion, if in doubt, get yourself checked out – I have made a promise to myself and others to always do this from now on!