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Offer of the month – April 2013

Overcome Procrastination

As part of my mission to help as many people as possible I have decided to create an Offer of the Month; this month it is based around how to Overcome Procrastination.  This is the first month of doing so and I hope you will find it useful.

Earlier this month I wrote about overcoming procrastination on the blog http://www.clairefuller.com/blog/how-to-overcome-procrastination/ so I would like to continue this theme for my Offer of the Month.

overcome procrastinationMany people procrastinate around all manner of tasks and decisions…

… However it can be a painful condition and one that you will benefit from overcoming as soon as possible.

So, to encourage you to overcome your procrastination around decision making and to help you to achieve the tasks that you are putting off, I am offering a life changing programme to you at a Special Offer price for a couple of weeks.

If you are a very busy professional or over-worked business owner, working far too many hours (be honest) and would like to stop doing this as soon as possible, take a look at this programme http://www.clairefuller.com/ultimate-business-results-more-time-less-stress-higher-profit/.  Then contact me [email protected] to find out the Special Offer price that is available for a very limited number of people, this month.  I can promise you it is a good offer.

This programme will do all that it says and more still.  The changes that clients are making are huge.  If you dare to take that step in the right direction to improve productivity so that you can improve your profit, you will be so glad that you did.

If you want to know the numbers involved, head over to this page http://www.clairefuller.com/how-your-investment-in-business-coaching-is-likely-to-be-recouped-many-times-over/ where you will find a step by step illustration of how your investment in this business coaching programme will be recouped many times over, in a matter of only a few weeks.

Contact me today on 01295 272263 or 07783 107 236 to discuss how this will change your life and increase your productivity and profit.

The results are guaranteed…

…and only require small amounts of time each week or fortnight to make it all happen, all from your own office, wherever you are in the world.   But there are only a few spaces available so do get in touch straight away.

I really look forward to helping you overcome procrastination and start doing the things that you have wanted to do… for a long time.


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