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My Big Mission



My Big MissionMy BIG MISSION was born from seeing so many people obtain truly life changing results from working with me, since 2003.  This is why I just have to share it with YOU and why I’m on My Big Mission.

I want to share with YOU, the 12 steps that will enable you to:

  • REMOVE your stress and enjoy your life far more
  • Work FEWER hours and improve your productivity by doing exactly this

To this end I have spent many, many months focusing on how this can be easily attainable for you, wherever you are in the world and whatever your situation.

I’m Claire Fuller and I have an overwhelming desire to ensure that everyone is HAPPY, FULFILLED AND PRODUCTIVE in their life and I want to help YOU.  If you’re not happy, there is much that can be done to change this… Read on!

Having spent the last eleven years, working individually with hundreds of people who have been seeking better life balance, more profitable businesses and happier relationships I have now perfected the techniques that will enable anyone to achieve the above outcomes.

I have developed a clear step by step process that it is available to YOU easily, 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

Having worked too many hours myself in the past and not allowed myself sufficient time away from work, I’m on My Big Mission to help others take the steps that I’ve taken, to create a superb balanced life that is enjoyable, productive and only partly about work!

If you’re a workaholic, an over-worked business owner or busy manager, a team leader or someone who cares for others it is highly likely that you’re feeling stressed far too frequently.

My life changing 12 step programme coaches and mentors you in easy bite-size steps so that each week you’re learning and developing, both around yourself personally as well as with regard to your work or business.

BENEFIT FROM THE BEST OF BOTH – Individual AND Group Support, Valuable AND Affordable:

In addition to your 12 secure, individual programme steps …

  • You’re invited to attend fortnightly Q & A group webinar calls for 60 minutes.  During this time you’re free to interact with me, ask your questions and listen to those of other like-minded individuals, learning from each other and myself still further.  (If you can’t make the calls they’re all recorded so you can listen in at a convenient time for you and you can ask your questions ahead of each call.)
  • You’re invited to use our member’s forum facility to share discussions, experience, ideas and thoughts even further.

Hundreds of clients have already benefited in this way and radically transformed their lives…


“I feel more focused and more assertive. I am now coping better …”

“I feel more focused and more assertive. I am now coping better with the enormous number of tasks associated with running a business, home and other projects. I don’t feel guilty about saying ‘no’ nor resentful of ‘being taken advantage of’. I have more time to pursue things I enjoy doing.”

Ben N, Business Owner.


“I loved …. being able to be completely honest about the issues holding me back.”

“I loved the openness and positive effect of being able to be completely honest about the issues holding me back. Claire is committed to helping you overcome the things holding you back and giving you practical and effective steps towards success.”

Becky M, Freelancer.


My Big Mission

So, if you’re serious about:

  • removing your stress for good
  • increasing your productivity
  • creating a fulfilling life for yourself

…all you need to do is send a very quick email to me with a brief summary of your causes of stress currently, to [email protected] putting ‘BANISH STRESS’ in the subject line and you will be one of the first to be informed as soon as this programme is widely available, in the next few days.

Please Note: This isn’t for you if…

  • you’re not prepared to spend approximately 15-20 minutes each week for 12 weeks, to improve your life! (A total of approx. 3 hours in 12 weeks!!)
  • you’re not motivated sufficiently to take action and actually make the changes that you think you want to make
  • you’re completely satisfied with all areas of your life already.

Contact MeCONTACT ME TODAY: [email protected] and mention My Big Mission and BANISH STRESS and I look forward to helping you very soon.

P.S. Do you run a business?  If you would like several of your staff to benefit from My Big Mission do contact me now and we can set up a very Special Offer for your team.


Please share My Big Mission widely so that others can improve their life by removing their stress, as soon as possible.

Thank You.