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Move Over Stress

For my ‘M’ blog I have simply entitled it ‘Move Over Stress’.

Some observations I have made recently to explain this title…

Scary but true… more than 70% of visits to the doctors are stress related – see Business Balls article here

Everyone talks about stress whatever their age, whatever their circumstances.  Small children can even be heard to say how stressed they are.

Stress is an over-used word in my opinion.

However, it is also a very real condition and one that needs to be reduced or preferably removed.

In this week’s Weekend Supplement from The Times on Saturday the main article covered ‘What stress is really doing to your body – a health warning for the over-40s’ and gave some useful hints on how we can help ourselves.

Move Over StressIt went on to say that the average British woman is three times more likely to die from a heart attack than she is from breast cancer.  This is because stress dramatically increases the risk of heart attacks.

Yes, some stress is good for us – so that we are motivated to get out of bed in the morning etc.

However, too much stress is not good for us and we need to work hard to prevent it.

Imagine your world without stress…

How would it look for you? What would you be doing?  What wouldn’t you be doing?  Importantly, how would you be FEELING?

I spoke to someone recently in a large organisation who said that their staff now accept that stress is always going to be a part of their job and that everyone is stressed, therefore there is no point in complaining about it or expecting there to be a solution to resolve it.

This I found most alarming.

Stress is NOT something that should be an accepted part of our daily lives.

For those of us who want to remove stress from our life, there is a solution and I have spent the past 11 years successfully sharing my solution with those who have been suffering stress as a result of a wide variety of circumstances.

We seriously want things to change.  So… Move Over Stress…


  • you’re going through relationship problems or a divorce
  • you suffered abuse as a child
  • you have workaholic tendencies and believe that this is good for you
  • people around you cause you to feel stressed and you don’t know what to do about it or
  • whether you have gone through a bereavement and need to overcome the associated stress

… My solution WILL help you massively.

Since 2003 I have worked tirelessly to develop the simplest route to enable others to become stress free, in the shortest amount of time and most importantly, with lasting results.

I also provide a full guarantee that this WILL work for YOU.

So, if you want to de-stress your life you can start today by simply downloading my FREE mini e-book ‘7 Secret Stress Busting Strategies to Become Free from Stress for Life’.

Or you can email me [email protected] to discover the best way for you and your team to stop wasting so much time and money via absenteeism caused by stress.  Simply add STRESS FREE to the subject line and mention this blog post.

As previously stated, I completely guarantee the results that we can achieve together.  All that you need is a desire to stop putting up with the way things are.

Move Over StressPLEASE NOTE:

My mission in life is to de-stress as many people as possible, so if you’re someone who DOES want to remove stress from your life by learning new strategies to achieve this, download the proven FREE mini e-book here and get started right away.

Move Over Stress – you’re not serving us and you’re not welcome in our lives.