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More Hours In The Day – Seminars and Workshops

My passion is to help people to enjoy their working day as much as possible.  I really want you to be able to become more focused so that a higher level of engagement and productivity is created.  There are so many distractions these days that it can be difficult to obtain sufficient time spent working ‘in the flow’ each day.

This leads to frustration at not having achieved enough, often combined with the feeling that more hours need to be worked, in order to get everything done.  But working all the hours is NOT the answer.

By limiting the number of hours you work you will automatically become more productive and focus on the most essential activities.

The Seminars and Workshops that I provide are based around creating ‘More Hours in the Day’ and usually cover 3 or 4 main areas of focus, depending on the length of the Seminar required.  They are always interactive and bring great groups of people together.

Where are my Seminars and Workshops held?

For you and your team at a mutually convenient location to be agreed.

 Feedback from attendees:

“Great leadership, interesting group, pleasant environment, valuable outcome.”

“Very factual and covers the key points.  It doesn’t over complicate the issue = easy to digest.”

“Several good ‘light bulb’ moments.”

“Warm, friendly, interactive, frank.  Very helpful, thanks.” 

“Excellent getting the group feedback together with expert tuition.”

“The workshop was great, well presented and an interesting and helpful subject.”

“Very helpful, good ideas and tips.  Great to know there are others like me who have the same issues.”


If you own or manage a business and would like a More Hours in the Day Workshop at your place of work just contact me.  These work well for up to 8 attendees at a time, enabling them to be fully interactive and most beneficial.


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