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Look after yourself

For my ‘L’ blog in my alphabetical series of blogs I have chosen the title ‘look after yourself’. Do you spend time caring for others? Do you make time to look after yourself properly?

Many people I work with spend time caring for other people to a greater or lesser extent however they’re often not so good at looking after themselves.

Whether you have a team, colleagues, children, friends or family, the chances are that most of us are involved in caring for others at some point in our lives, whether on a formal or informal basis.

look after yourselfA frequent theme I notice is that when someone is caring for others, they tend to neglect their own needs.

This is often not intentional however it is something that is far from ideal. And I have personally done this.

I have such an overwhelming desire to help others that this has often led to me working too hard, for too long, wanting to help others so much that I haven’t considered my own needs sufficiently. This has subsequently had a negative impact on my own health

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at those times. Our body lets us know when we’re over doing it!!

We need to take stock before our health is affected and look at what we CAN change to improve our situation and habits.

When we enjoy our work and enjoy caring for others we may not really think that ‘we’ matter. Or often we may not even realise just how much we are giving of our time, energy and resources to others, therefore by default, less energy etc. will be available for our own benefit.

Setting aside time for our own needs and development is essential and reaps dividends in soooo many different ways.

If you have been caring in the long-term without realising the exhausting effect that it is having on you, it is important to be aware that this is not sustainable. It will be likely to lead to a ‘crash’ of some sort, sooner or later. Letting things get this bad is not a good idea as it may take months to recover, or worse.

The work I have been doing for many years revolves around putting YOU first, (or at least much higher up the list, many people feel they’re down near the bottom of priorities initially.)

I have helped those who want to address this issue to do so in a very positive, proactive way.

I have developed very effective systems so that it only takes my clients a minimal amount of time each week to put some gradual positive changes in place.

look after yourselfHere’s 5 Great Steps you can take NOW:

For some further instant strategies that you can apply immediately, you can pop over to this page and request my life transforming e-book giving you 7 easy to apply strategies to banish stress from your life for good.

When you apply these strategies to your own life, you will start to feel much better and as a further bonus, the care that you provide for others will increase in quality as you will feel energised and much more easily able to give of yourself. Hooray!

So, remember to look after yourself well regularly, for optimum happiness levels and lowest stress levels. Take care.