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It’s lonely at the top

If you are in charge of a team, department or company you probably feel that ‘It’s lonely at the top‘ from time to time. Being in charge is a huge responsibility and one that doesn’t just happen. There are so many roles that you have to play, that it can seem as though you really need more hours in the day for you to just be you, in your life.

Do you ever worry that ‘It’s lonely at the top’? Your team may well think that it’s alright for you – you earn a good salary, you have a lot of perks (if you do!) they work hard for you and they’re perhaps not even sure what you do, day in, day out.

However, you know differently.

You probably regularly wish for more hours in the day

…as you juggle your many and varied tasks. It is likely that you find it hard to switch off from work even when you’re not at work and therefore you would like to learn how to be calm and how to enjoy life.

It's lonely at the topThe responsibilities when you run a company are enormous and all seem to be equally crucial. It is important that you manage to keep the show on the road at all costs. But where does this leave you personally and emotionally?

I know from my own experience and from those of my clients that more often than not it leaves you feeling lonely at the top, time starved, exhausted and unfulfilled.

The feeling of overwhelm is likely to be similar whether you run a small or large company. Never ending demands on your time which you do not know how to reduce. How CAN you do things differently?

You may have had some support via coaching or training in the past and now you’re on your own again. This is a theme I often come across. Business owners may invest in coaching for a while then they decide to stop that investment in themselves, for an assortment of reasons.

I believe that Coaching in the short term and in the long term both have their place.

If you want to overcome a particular challenge or challenges, then short term coaching, for approximately 3 – 6 months will be perfect.

However if your role is one that is fast paced, extremely demanding and involves many team members, coaching in the long term as a continuous support system will be the best way forward and will make sound economic and business sense.

Making critical decisions many times a day without support or a second opinion can be very stressful and exhausting.

Here are some simple steps to reduce your feeling of ‘It’s lonely at the top’:

1. Put yourself higher up the list – it is essential that you take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. You’re probably very well aware of this as a theory but do you implement it? You may feel that you need more hours in the day to do anything differently, however in reality you probably just need to decide to change.


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Decide on a (sensible) number of hours that you need to put in each week and stick to them – this will make you more effective during those hours and will enable you to have quality time out of work to recharge

3. Have a sanctuary – go somewhere that will help you to think clearly and differently about your challenges whenever the going gets particularly tough

4. Develop new strategies and techniques to serve you better – think laterally; ask yourself great questions and come up with some great answers.

No one should feel lonely at the top. There is always someone who can listen to you, to act as a sounding board so that you can think more clearly. Someone who can provide an extra insight and supportive role and alongside this, be there to challenge you to ensure that you keep moving in the right direction.

When you do not work to improve your situation there is a very real danger that your situation won’t just stay the same, it will be likely to deteriorate.

So take some action, contact me or call me on 01295 272263 / 07783 107 236 to discover how working together will be valuable for you, your business and your family life. We can have a complimentary call to find out the best next steps to take. It is all too easy to think you have to do it all on your own; happily, this certainly does NOT need to be true for you.


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