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How your investment in business coaching is likely to be recouped many times over

I have regularly invested in Business Coaching during the last 10 years, even at times when I couldn’t really afford to do so.  When I reached a point where I knew I needed to take the business further but had become too close to my own situation to ascertain the best next steps, I invested in a high level coach.

I am currently working with a superb coach and I am continuing to reap the significant benefits and rewards.  I guarantee that you will improve your business profits as well as enhancing your own personal development and valuable skills by working with me.

Here is an example of how investing in Business Coaching will reap dividends for you and your business.

For a professional partner or senior manager it is likely that an average hourly rate will be billable at approximately £250.

If we use this as a realistic example then the calculations will be as follows:

business coachingInvest £2997 in a 3 month programme (or £2397 if paid in full at the start).

By working through the 12 week process, changes will be made which will lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness right from the start.  As an absolute minimum, it is very likely that the number of billable hours will increase by two per week (and probably by many more).

So, an increase of two hours @£250 =£500 for 12 weeks = £6000 extra income generated for the business. Hence your initial investment is doubled.  This isn’t where it ends though as the new way of working will continue thereafter and these extra hours will be generated for the whole year and beyond, with the likelihood of them increasing further.  Thus an extra £500 for 48 weeks of the year = £24,000This is equal to 8 times your investment.

Supposing the number of billable hours to achieve per week is usually 20 hours; a 2 hour increase is only 10%.  It is very realistic therefore to believe that even higher effectiveness can be achieved.

The highest increase in target that clients have achieved to date by working with my business has been 160% of target in one month.


  • If 3 extra hours @£250 are billed each week for a year the extra income generated is £36,000
  • If 4 extra hours @£250 are billed each week for a year the extra income generated is £48,000
  • If 5 extra hours @£250 are billed each week for a year the extra income generated is £60,000

Remember that your investment has been under £3,000.

Imagine the effect of rolling this whole process out further?

When this system is employed for several managers and partners the effects are obviously multiplied, to great positive effect for your business.

And that’s just in financial terms.  Here are some of the other benefits that will occur via this programme.

Please Note: If your firm provides a lot of work on a Fixed Fee Basis, working together is even more necessary and important.  The danger here is that too many hours may be spent working on a client file if productivity is not at an optimum level.  Being able to produce the work in the number of hours estimated when first calculating the Fixed Fee, is vital to the success of your firm and to staff happiness and fulfilment.

I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to make these improvements in your business.

What are you waiting for?  Contact Claire on 01295 272263 / 07783 107 236 for a discussion or via email to [email protected] .  I look forward to working with you very soon.