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Happiness at work

Happiness at work is something that I believe, everyone would like. The actual perception of it does of course vary from person to person however, as with anything related to an individual’s happiness. This is due to the fact that we’re all unique and as such our notion of happiness is undoubtedly varied.

Happiness at work can be generated in a variety of ways:

  • It may be that you love every single minute of every single day at work
  • It may be that you earn so much money doing what you do that any dislike you may have for the actual work, is outweighed by the financial security and happiness that this generates. In other words, money can to some extent buy you happiness, as long as you have enough time to go and spend / enjoy it!
  • It may be that work is just OK but because you have fantastic colleagues around you, you’re happy at work
  • It may be that you are happy in work as long as you are consistently challenged, the work is hard but rewarding in the extreme – great sense of satisfaction at the end of every day will increase happiness for you

Whichever of the above options applies to you can only be decided by you as a person and the reality is that you yourself may not even be sure which one you fit into, perhaps yours is a different situation altogether?

happiness at workHowever, happiness at work is something generally sought by all. As an average we spend 37.5 hours a week working out of the total 168 we’re given, which is just under a quarter of our time, and if one was to make an assumption that in a perfect world we all have 8 hours sleep per night as is recommended, then the reality is that it’s actually more like a third.

How much time do we spend at work?

A third of our waking hours are spent working! Now of course, work is an entirely necessary part of life. It provides us with structure, income and it’s to be hoped an extra social circle outside the people one would normally associate with. All of which are as positive an influence nowadays as they have ever been. But is that enough if you’re spending a third of your waking hours unhappy? Surely that length of time spent unhappily will have an effect on the other two thirds we spend out of work?

The answer to this then is to ensure that you’re as happy as possible during your working hours, whether that means changing your job, finding ways to remove any obstacles which make your job harder or more frustrating, or simply finding ways to make it more fun for you. These realisations can be difficult to find on your own as it’s often hard to think completely objectively regarding our own lives. This is where coaching can help enormously.

Discussing the problems you have with a qualified mind who is entirely focused on helping you achieve your goals can make all the difference. Taking an outside view and encouraging you to find your own answers whilst guiding you in the direction that’s right for you.

If you think you could benefit from career based coaching do get in touch. I desperately want everyone to be happy at work, it is such a large chunk of our lives that there is no point in being unhappy when something can always be done. Have a look at my new career page to find out how I can help you.

Do you wish you had more hours in the day?

Also, as an aside, if you’ve read through

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the above and noted the average 37.5 hour working week with disdain, perhaps that’s something else you could look at? Do you find you’re dealing with work at home? Or do you feel like a lot of the chores you have to do at home are as much a job as the one you spend the rest of your time doing? In which case, just think what you would do if you could save 10 hours a week to spend as you wanted!

I can help you to have more time for you by working together for a few weeks, showing you a simple process to follow and making changes to your habits which will last. Contact me and we can ensure you are happy in work sooner rather than later.

This post has also appeared as a guest blog on the website below – go over there and read their statistics about happiness at work.


You will also find more information about their free Health for Work Adviceline on 0800 0 77 88 44.


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