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For the love of work – are you a workaholic?

Love is in the air in February and I would like to ask you a simple question, “Do you love your work?” Maybe this isn’t what Valentine’s Day is really about but nevertheless it seems an appropriate time to ask

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the question.

Many people I know DO love their work. They love it so much that they do it all the time.

Are you a workaholicThis is good up to a point but when work begins to take over and become the best and only part of someone’s life then I know that change needs to take place.

My mission is to ensure as many people as possible enjoy and if they’re really lucky, love, their work.

However once they have established this, I want to ensure that they work an amount of hours that are in balance with other important activities in their life. If you have ever thought of yourself as a workaholic, or been described by others as a workaholic, whether jokingly or seriously, are you ready to change this yet?

If you have been working all the hours for many years, have you ever stopped to consider what impact this is probably having on your health, general fitness and wellbeing?

If you haven’t, then stop and think right now. What stresses and strains are you potentially putting your body through? Do you take it for granted that your body will keep functioning at full capacity for you until YOU decide to take things easier?

I have been a business owner for almost 20 years so I understand the pressure that comes with this. I have also been guilty of working too many hours for some of those years. In recent times however I have established a great way forward where work is still very important to me but not to the exclusion of all else. I have developed a unique 10 step process which works for me as well as my clients, every time.

First, here are some quick questions to help you discover whether you are a workaholic or not…

  1. Do you enjoy your work more than anything else?
  2. Do you work during weekends either because you enjoy doing so or because there is so much to get done?
  3. Do you keep your phone and other devices on for as many hours of the day as possible?
  4. Do you find that you spend most of your time thinking about work even when you’re not at work?
  5. Do you worry about work when you’re not there?
  6. Do you feel that no one else can run the show as well as you can?
  7. Are you in love with your work?!

If you answered yes to at least 5 of these questions it is very possible that you are a workaholic! In which case, reducing the number of hours you spend working will revolutionise your life and business in a positive way. If this scares you, it is probably yet another sign that you are working too much!

The good news is that I can help you out of this all-consuming work-work cycle.

People come to me when they suspect they may be working too hard and sometimes they consider themselves to be a workaholic. They are looking for a way forward which will enable them to break out of their current habits. My 10 step process enables them to design then live by, their ideal work week.

Here is some instant help for you – Answer these questions honestly to help you reduce your working hours:

  1. Look at your workload currently.
  2. How many of the hours that you spend at work do you actively enjoy?
  3. Is there anyone else that could do some of the tasks that you do?
  4. How would you feel if you could focus on the important tasks and eliminate or delegate many of the urgent ones?
  5. How easy is it for you to book some time out either on a weekly basis, or for holidays?
  6. When did you last have a holiday?
  7. Did you switch off properly during this time or did you keep in touch with work remotely?

If you would like support and help to enable you to design your ideal work week via 10 steps, the ‘More Hours in the Day’ programme will help you. This is available both as a product for just £95 as well as a personalised programme over 3 months. Here is the link for you to find out more: http://www.clairefuller.com/product/more-hours-in-the-day/ .

Getting new focus and balance in your life will enable you to love far more widely, not just your work. Try it, you might well like it and I can guarantee you will wish you had done it sooner.

Call Claire on 01295 272263 / 07783 107 236 for a no obligation conversation or email her [email protected] with your questions.

Life is short. Live it fully each day by enjoying every part of it.


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