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Feel Real Text Messages

If you’re looking for some quick, upbeat support in the mornings, our Feel Real Text Messages are here for you, (only if you’re in the UK though currently).

Feel Real Text Messages


Whether …

  • these are for you personally or whether
  • you’d like them to inspire and motivate your staff members…

…these text messages provide quick, effective, positive support to ensure the day gets off to a great start.  When we have the right mindset we will be more likely to have a productive and positive day.  Enjoy.



You may have already enjoyed receiving our series of 10 x Free Inspiring Messages.  And now you’re looking for more; we have a selection for you as follows:


Feel Real Text MessagesFeel Real Texts @ £4.97 (introductory price) for 30 daily texts:

For less than the price of a coffee and cake per option, we have 3 exciting choices for you:

  • Calm Collection
  • Motivated Minds
  • Passionately Positive

Read through the following sections and choose a style that seems most relevant for you right now.  You can then sign up for your chosen series of texts to keep you growing and developing.  Come back when they’re through and you can choose again! ——————————————————————————————————————————————- “These have proved to be one of the highlights of my day, they really set me up well for a good day.” ——————————————————————————————————————————————-

Calm Collection, £4.97

If you’d like to get off to a serene start each morning, sign up for this superb Calm Collection of texts today.  There are 30 carefully crafted Calm Texts all just waiting for you.  One text will arrive every day to give you a reminder that being calm IS possible, we just need to be prompted about it in advance sometimes! Enjoy keeping your stress levels low each day and feeling better as a result. Simply click the button below to pay via Paypal and your texts will be instantly on their way to you.

Feel Real Text MessagesMotivated Minds, £4.97

If you sometimes struggle to get going in the morning, or if you find it hard to attack the most important tasks of the day, sign up for these Motivated Minds texts to get yourself off to a flying start. You will receive 30 marvellously moulded Motivating Texts that will nudge you along to take the actions that you know you should be taking, gently and easily.  One text will arrive each and every morning. Revel in the luxury of having your own personal motivator by your side and enjoy taking action! Simply click the button below to pay via Paypal and your texts will be winging their way over to you.

Passionately Positive, £4.97

If you would like to be more positive, more easily, these texts will help you to do just that.  This series of texts have been purposefully put together to help you to become Passionate about being Positive. Sign up for this series of 30 Passionately Positive texts and begin to see how easy it is once you choose to be positive. Well done on embracing Positivity! Simply click the button below to pay via Paypal and your texts will be immediately on their way to you.



Please Note: If you’d like to invest in Feel Real texts for some quick and effective support and motivation for your team, colleagues etc., simply contact me on 07783 107 236 or [email protected] and I can set this up for you.