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Corporate Coaching Packages

Corporate Coaching Packages:

How can you REDUCE your staff costs AND INCREASE your employee engagement and profitability?

If you are currently spending large sums of money on recruiting staff, consider the benefits of retaining your people by investing in their development.

Here are some of the many benefits of supporting them so that they can become more productive, (especially important when you are working with fewer employees to do the same amount of work):

  • Improved time management skills leading to increased productivity thus increased profit
  • Reduced stress levels leading to reduced absenteeism and reduced sick pay expense
  • Increased employee engagement leading to increased staff retention
  • Improved communication within teams leading to happier workforce
  • Thriving, productive and motivated teams

time is moneyIf your business wants to maximise each and every hour that your people spend at work, are you ensuring that they are being as productive as you would like them to be?

Whatever type of business you are involved with, you will know that every billable hour impacts on the bottom line.

So, if you could increase the number of billable hours that each and every one of your employees worked, every week, would you do it?  The truth is, you CAN achieve this.  Read on for more information…

“Recouped 5.5 times of our investment…”

“We recouped 5.5 times of our investment in just one month, as a result of our work with Claire.”

Lawyer partner, Berkshire

Working with an external business such as mine, enables your managers and employees to be completely open around the challenges and difficulties they are currently facing.  Looking at these together produces a new perspective on the situation which can then be improved and changed.

If we don’t know what the challenges are, nothing can be done, things will stay the same or more likely, they will deteriorate.

My processes work in the most time efficient way possible.  Having an 11 year background in coaching as well as 5 years of experience in computer programming before this, I have designed and built the most time effective 12 week programmes which produce the highest level of improvement over the quickest time scale.

All programmes use fortnightly calls for individuals and the Free from Stress for Life programme uses fortnightly group webinars combined with weekly secure online modules which take only 15 minutes per week.

In this way staff are not taken away from their work for any amount of time…

…They are learning and making changes whilst at work, doing their job, able to continue immediately after either our phone calls or module completion.  The calls will leave them inspired and motivated and will positively impact them immediately.  The modules will enable them to do things differently at an achievable pace, by demonstrating new proven methods.

During this process it is very likely that the number of billable hours will increase right from the first week and it will continue long after we have completed our work together.  This means that your investment is recouped many times over.

“I billed almost 160% of target…”

“My workload has been a challenge however I have  managed to bill almost 160% of target this month by way of example!!”

Louise, Employment lawyer, January 2013

“I have had really positive feedback…”

“I have had really positive feedback from my team member following your session with her.  She seems to be focusing on prioritising her work a lot more already.  Obviously time will tell but it is all looking very positive. Thank you.”

J M, Partner from law firm, Reading. 

Quite simply, by working together you WILL reduce your staff costs.

When employees are working to the best of their ability and know that they are valued, the rewards for your company are increased profit, improved employee engagement and far lower recruitment costs.

The benefits of encouraging employees to develop and grow, as opposed to replacing them, are huge.  If you feel that some of your team members could be more productive, external support will make it happen, and quickly.

Remember time management is a skill and one that can be learnt.  Often people are excellent at their job but time management does not come naturally to them.  In this situation call me on 07783 107 236 or email me [email protected] as soon as possible, I can help.

Partners and Senior Managers

If you are in a senior role, managing a team as well as always having far too much to do, working with someone external to your company who will hold you accountable and help you to discover new ways of doing things is a very positive step forward.  We all know we need to change the action to change the outcome so if you feel some positive change is needed, the Ultimate Business Results programme is for you.  Alternatively get in touch and we can discuss your situation and decide on the best next steps to take.

Coaching for senior staff in your company will ensure that they are working at the highest level and are consistently delivering optimum results, having a positive impact on the bottom line.

In my experience, this learning and development is very likely to be shared with their team, either informally or formally thus increasing the positive impact even further.

Team Coaching –  via the Free from Stress for Life programme

To improve productivity as effectively as possible, by converting stress into strength, I provide a unique programme that ensures the whole team go through the same learning and development steps.

All team members can work individually online every week and attend group Q & A webinars fortnightly.  These webinars provide a safe place to ask questions and overcome any difficulties they may be facing.  This 12 week programme is available from as little as £247 + VAT per person.

Simply contact me or call me on 07783 107 236 to discuss your requirements and we can start motivating, developing and de-stressing you or your team immediately.


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