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Coping Well in Challenging Times

A few weeks after writing my recent blog, ‘Too Many Tabs Open’, I encountered a further challenging time which involved some illness of and difficulties with a couple of close members of my family and therefore at times, this became all consuming.

This led to me being quiet on social media and feeling quite overwhelmed as I worked to overcome and improve the situation where possible; however as we all know, we cannot change anyone else, we can only change ourselves.  So, I had to keep this uppermost in my mind.

Over recent days, fortunately, the situation has improved and I have been gradually returning to my ‘real’ self again, which has been a great joy!

Whenever we are faced with challenges, it is always about how we respond that is important.  We are all likely to respond in different ways as we are all unique, however, responding with hope, positivity and kindness will always be helpful in tricky times.


Coping Well in Challenging TimesI’m not alone – I know that everyone has struggles at different times in their lives.  I feel lucky that I can implement many strategies to help me to take care of my mind and appreciate that this is just temporary, that worrying won’t in fact solve anything and just to be kind to myself will help ease the situation.

It is so true that in helping others we will always help ourselves as well – I have a very strong innate desire to help others and for everyone to be happy, which I know isn’t always possible, but it is a genuine wish that I have and I do all that I can to implement it each and every day.

Everything happens for a reason and we always learn from our challenges – it is most important that we do.  And although I have been finding it difficult to send my usual upbeat messages out, I know that you understand.

Coping Well in Challenging Times – Our Wellbeing Group is here for YOU:

If you’re going through a difficult time currently, you may like to join our online ‘Welcome to Wellbeing’ Group.  This is a new group that I have created in recent months, so that we can all help each other, for as long as you want to be involved.  We have friendly meetings online each month, so that they’re available to you, wherever you’re based.

The next meeting is arranged for Wednesday 14th September 1pm-2.30pm UK Time so if you would like to join us, please pop over to this page to find out all the details.

Have a lovely few weeks until then and thank you for reading.

P.S. If I can help you in any way at all, you can always email me [email protected].