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The Fear of Change

Are you scared of change? Would you like to improve an area of your life but fearful of what that may entail and what the results may be?  Many people feel the fear of change. However, what if you knew that a new way would be the best way? You would presumably jump at the chance and begin as of yesterday?

Dating after a long term relationship has ended

(I wrote this article for onlymums.org and onlydads.org) When you have been in a long term relationship whether this is through marriage or cohabitation, and it has subsequently broken down, it can be very daunting to even consider dating again. This article looks at the pros and cons of dating again if you find yourself in this situation.

Why I love Twitter

Reasons why I love Twitter… This post is quite a long one but I feel passionately about the advantages of Twitter so I had a lot to write! I hope you enjoy, it is a balanced article that lets you know just how useful it has been and continues to be, for me.