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Benefits of Online Coaching and how it works

  • The end result / outcome of our online coaching is known right from the start, e.g. you will learn how to become free from stress for life, or how to find more hours in the day in 10 or 12 bite-size steps
  • You can benefit from the programme at any time to suit you, 24/7, this makes absolute best use of your time
  • The need for ‘in person’ or telephone meetings is vastly reduced.  Our online coaching programmes can be worked through very effectively on their own.  Occasional ‘in person’ or telephone sessions can be provided for extra support to resolve individual issues that may arise if required, at an additional investment.
  • You reply to, on average, 6 -8 carefully designed open questions each week and benefit from over 24 easy to use exercises and downloads of training information during the 3 month process
  • Having answered the questions and read the downloads you’ll start to think differently about your situation and you’ll gradually implement changes to improve your life
  • You can complete your sessions and work on your goals at any location that has an internet connection, so at work, or home or even when you are out or away on holiday!
  • It is a process which has clearly defined weekly steps, which ensures you achieve your goals as soon as possible
  • By physically typing your thoughts/answers into each module they’ll resonate MUCH more strongly with you and therefore you’ll be very likely to carry out the actions you describe
  • Working online, with 24/7 availability, you can either answer spontaneously or you can spend some time thinking about your answers before jumping in with your first answer, if you prefer.  If you choose to do this your answers will be well thought out, unhurried and perhaps even more meaningful
  • Your online coaching work is all kept in one place which is secure, easily accessible and available to you for 1 year

How the coaching programmes work:

  • Only one module is available each week to prevent any feeling of overwhelm; the subsequent modules will be listed with the dates that they become available to you, clearly displayed. Usually a maximum of 15 – 20 minutes is all that is required to complete a module. The programmes are very easy to use and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for one year.
  • Payment is made at the start of the programme via Paypal or BACS transfer.  Fees can be split into two payments if requested. There will be a small additional charge.

You can purchase your online coaching programme instantly via the relevant page, either More Hours in the Day or Free from Stress for Life.

Once you have paid via Paypal you will receive the unique secure link to your programme and you will be able to start changing and improving your life, immediately. If you have any questions please do get in touch or call me on 07783 107 236.

 I look forward to helping you radically improve your life, in easy bite-size steps, as soon as possible.