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A little ray of sunshine

January is traditionally a time of cold weather. Alongside this I have noticed that the weather frequently influences the mood of people and although I can sometimes understand this I feel that it is a shame. Christmas and New Year are over and Spring seems to be a long way off, however I never wish my time away.

a little ray of sunshineI am someone who is eager to ensure that we all make the absolute most of our time, this unhappiness around cold weather has always frustrated me to some extent – why let the weather dictate your mood? Think happy and be happy – fake it until you make it. It really will work if you believe it and take action to be happy.

Allowing external factors to affect happiness is preventing the sense of being in control. In life we need to do all that we can to feel and be in control as much of the time as possible. It is this feeling that we are not in control and can’t change anything that keeps us stuck exactly where we are, whether we like it or not.

Not feeling in control leads to higher stress levels and we all know that there are many unpleasant side effects from too much stress. Stress is one of those things which in theory cannot directly be seen. However indirectly it may well be noticed via a decreasing ability to work as effectively as previously, unhappiness, grumpiness, short temper, aches and pains that you didn’t have before and perhaps a tendency to take tablets more often, among many other signs.

As with all conditions which are not visible, treating it or diagnosing it or living with it are all more difficult than with those conditions which can be seen and have clear methods of treatment. It is also true that other people around you will find it difficult to realise that you are suffering in any way; they may just be fed up with your change in attitude and possibly won’t think there is anything wrong with you.

If you are someone with a resistance to doctors and a strong belief that you are fine and you will feel better soon, this is good to some extent, but don’t leave it too long. If you feel that you are not quite ‘yourself’ for longer than a few days, it is wise to

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check things out.

If your stress is due to an enormous workload and a feeling of not enough time, I can help you. Working too many hours, consistently, is NOT good for you. I encounter many busy professionals in the course of my business and mostly they say that they love their work, they are happy to be working all of the time and that they pretty much thrive on it.

This is all well and good, but only up to a point. Working too many hours for years and years is obviously NOT going to be good for your health in the long term. Even if you think you are getting away with it now, do you sometimes have a niggling doubt that perhaps this isn’t the best way forward forever? If you are in any doubt at all, simply contact me for a no obligation conversation.

A little ray of sunshineMeanwhile, as an antidote to all the cold and snowy weather that we have been experiencing lately I would like to provide a little ray of sunshine for you

Here are some tips so that you can feel sunny even when it is cold, snowy, damp and miserable in the middle of winter.

  1. Smile as much as you can, even when you’re on your own and even when you don’t feel like it. Why? Because this releases endorphins into your body and gives you an instant boost of ‘feel-good’ factor. For free!
  2. Laugh at every opportunity – it’s even better for you than smiling 🙂
  3. Think about what you are worrying about and whether you can do something about it. If you can…
    1. Work out what are the best steps to take and set about putting them in action
    2. If you cannot do anything about it, work hard to remove this worry from your mind by actively choosing to focus on more upbeat topics and happenings
  4. Determine to make the most of each and every day – don’t wish them away until warmer times are here. The change in temperature and seasons that we experience are all part of life.
  5. Check your language – are your thoughts mainly negative or positive? If they are negative more often than not (and a lot of people are ‘wired’ negatively), change them around to a positive version and you will notice the benefit of doing so almost instantly.

If you find that any of these tips are difficult to put into practise, just get in touch with me on 01295 272263 or 07783 107 236 or email [email protected]. I LOVE helping busy professionals to have more time, less stress and higher profit.


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