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9 Time Saving Strategies for Business Owners

Do you always feel pressed for time? Looking for some time saving strategies?

time saving strategiesIn this very busy world in which we find ourselves, increasingly I encounter people who feel that there’s never enough time.
Here are 9 time saving strategies to help you to be more productive at work as well as getting the life changing, important things done outside of work, to include some time out for you.

  1. Set aside time to Focus
  2. Set aside time to Plan
  3. Ask yourself great questions to help you to solve problems
  4. Pick up the phone – make more calls – get quicker results
  5. Send fewer emails to receive fewer emails; regularly unsubscribe from all the emails that you never get around to reading; use www.Sanebox.com to filter the less important ones away from your Inbox
  6. Allocate time for interruptions every day – they will always happen so allow for them!
  7. Decide upon your boundaries and stick to them e.g. only allow yourself to work from x to y o’clock (preferably the hours where you know you’re at your most productive)
  8. Allocate a certain number of hours each week to leisure, individually and/or with others and ensure you keep this commitment to yourself
  9. Set realistic expectations of yourself and clarify other people’s expectations where needed

time saving strategiesFinal Question and Thoughts:

  • What will you STOP doing so that you can START doing something better/new?
  • Choices and decisions determine your LIFE
  • How would you improve your working week, if only you could – email me your answers today [email protected] I’d love to hear your plans.

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If this post has encouraged you to think differently about how and why you do things the way that you do, then it has had the desired effect.  Good luck.