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7 Top Tips to Achieve Tip Top Wellbeing

7 Top Tips to achieve tip top wellbeing

It’s all too easy to keep working, to not take enough time out for YOU and to subsequently wonder why you feel stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed.

If you run your own business, or you lead a team, overcoming this situation can be especially difficult.

So, here are 7 Top Tips to achieve Tip Top Wellbeing:

  1. Decide to say ‘no’ to requests that you do not want to say ‘yes’ to. This will create more time for you.
  2. Think great thoughts first thing in the morning to set yourself up for a great day.
  3. Set boundaries for yourself, for example:
    1. When will you check your phone and when will you ensure it is turned off, or out of the way?
    2. When will you work and when will you take time out to rest and reflect?
  4. Allow yourself time to be in the flow without any interruptions, each and every day. We need to do this so that we can recharge. Being answerable to others on a 24/7 basis is exhausting, stressful and damaging to your wellbeing.
  5. Learn how to treat yourself as you would treat a best friend. Self-care is not selfish, it’s vital.
  6. Put firm appointments for YOU in your diary, each day, week, month and year. Time for you will never just ‘happen’, it needs your decision, commitment and action.
  7. Keep on top of your physical environment – de-cluttering little and often will keep the space around you more conducive to working well and relaxing well.


  1. What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel really alive? How can you do more of these things, more often? First step, decide to do so!

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