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7 Steps to YOUR Perfect Christmas


I ran a FREE Teleseminar, entitled ‘7 Steps to YOUR Perfect Christmas’ on Wednesday 5th December 2012 at 1pm.

The call was approximately 30 minutes.  It is FULL of helpful tips and hints and I have added the recording for you here.


7 steps to YOUR perfect christmasIf you are worrying about Christmas and how on earth you are going to fit everything in that needs doing, you need to listen to this call.

If you are feeling stressed just at the mention of Christmas, make sure you set aside 30 minutes to listen in to this recording, so that you can discover the 7 steps to your perfect Christmas.

I shared some great tips so that you can have a well-planned, stress free and genuinely Happy Christmas.

The main points that were covered were:

  • How to get everything done well… and in good time
  • How to stay calm under pressure
  • How to be more confident with your family and friends so that you can do things YOUR way
  • How to delegate effectively so that you don’t have to do everything yourself
  • How to keep positive through what is traditionally a time of mixed emotions and stress
  • How to plan, then plan, then plan some more and really feel the benefit
  • How to get motivated to make it a special time of year but not one that costs the earth

This teleseminar recording is for you if you are keen to make Christmas 2014 different.  If you…

  • don’t want to be spending so much money this year
  • don’t want to be wrapping up presents on Christmas Eve
  • don’t want to be wishing the day away because it is not going well…


If you would like to Reduce Your Stress and learn How to be Calm, for life, I have an extra Special Offer for You … this year 2014.

I am providing 20% off for just 3 lucky people who would like to benefit from the highly proven and thoroughly beneficial Calm programme, only until Friday 19th December 2014 at midnight, on a strictly first come, first served basis.

So pop over there right now to find out how this programme will revolutionize your life in a few short weeks, with long-lasting benefits for you and those around you.  You can benefit from it whenever you have a few spare minutes, in the run up to Christmas, to keep you sane and in control of all that you have to achieve.

Email me [email protected] with ‘20% DISCOUNT’ in the subject line and which version of the programme you require, ONLINE or VIP PLUS 6 or VIP PLUS 9 and I will send the programme to you immediately including the link for your reduced payment via Paypal.

Just think… you could be only a few minutes away from Reducing Your Stress and regaining Calm in your life, for the long-term.  Do hurry as this is a VERY limited offer and you only have until midnight on Friday 19th December 2014 to take up the offer.

I look forward to helping you to Enjoy Your Christmas and much more beyond!


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