“Are You Battling Personal Stress, Anxiety And Overwhelm? Permanently Remove Stress, Anxiety And Overwhelm From Your Life, in Just 90 Days, Or Less, With My Proven, Guaranteed, Step-by-Step Programme!”


Hi, I’m Claire Fuller

I’m about to show you how your life can quickly and permanently become free from stress, anxiety and overwhelm, in the next 90 days, or even sooner!

If you’re like many of my clients, continually struggling with personal stress, anxiety and crippling overwhelm, your whole life is affected, entirely. It doesn’t just hold you back at work then let you live a normal life at home. It doesn’t just affect your personal relationships, then allow you to fully function professionally.


No – stress, anxiety and overwhelm affect every aspect of your life entirely, don’t they?


I know how it feels…

For over a decade, I’ve worked successfully and tirelessly, with clients whose lives are crippled with these terrible, yet avoidable problems.

The truth is, many hundreds and thousands of people are needlessly suffering stress, anxiety and overwhelm, missing out on fulfilling personal relationships, professional results, personal achievements and wellbeing.

I say needlessly, as I know from hundreds of experiences with my clients, it can all be avoided or removed – completely.

Over this time, I’ve gradually been perfecting and providing a unique approach to reducing, then removing stress, anxiety and overwhelm from the lives of the people I work with.

This didn’t happen overnight.

As with all effective solutions, the process was created carefully and gradually over time, slowly testing strategies and accumulating credible results.

Piece by piece an entire programme evolved to create the most comprehensive and interactive stress, anxiety and overwhelm removal programme available today.

Caroline Johns, IT Business Owner“Claire is by far the best and most intuitive coach for business and life; she has an insight which is second to none. The programme has been instrumental in enabling me to move my business to the next level, at the same time as persuading me that it IS possible to run a business as well as having a life. I recommend this wholeheartedly.

Let me ask you…

“Are you willing to spend another day, week, month or year living a life consumed by stress, anxiety and overwhelm?”

A life thinking what might have been?

A life watching others enjoy fulfilling relationships?

A life watching others achieve professionally and personally, while you just watch on and wish?


The good news is…

You no longer have to!

You see, together we can remove all the barriers which are holding you back from a life free from eternal stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Step-by-step I want to guide you along a journey where you’ll discover simple, straightforward and easy to implement techniques and tools to quickly remove the obstacles blocking your way.

Together, we’ll explore methods proven in use by countless numbers of clients before you, which are guaranteed to bring the results you’ve been searching for.

B Taylor, Business Owner“Before I started working with Claire’s de-stress programme I was feeling completely distraught about my relationship with my husband. It was very damaging to the children and to all of us.

I wasn’t sure whether I could overcome this or not. Since working with Claire’s programme I feel much more in control of my emotions and I’m dealing with issues in a much better way. I have learnt not to over-react, wait and see, don’t try and fix it. I feel far happier and more in control of the situation and much calmer. The whole family is far closer now. I’m so glad I chose to work with Claire.”

Let me show you how…

I know you’re here because you want to find an effective, proven and reliable solution to your problems. Am I right?

You want a solution which not only relieves the problems, but removes them completely. Right again?

Finally, I’m pretty sure this is not the first time you’ve looked for a solution to the problems which are holding your life back. Right yet again?

If you’ve tried other solutions, they’ve clearly been less than effective, or why would you need my help? Let me explain why the other solutions you’ve previously explored have failed to get you results.

It’s quite simple. Most other answers to the problems of stress, anxiety and overwhelm focus on only one thing – the symptom!

They focus on what you’re actually experiencing and not the cause. The problem with this approach, as you’ve no doubt discovered is sooner or later, the problem resurfaces. It may disappear for a short time, but predictably, it WILL return.

The answer, if you want to permanently remove stress, anxiety and overwhelm from your life is not to focus on the symptoms. The proven answer is to focus on the cause.

By focusing on, and removing the cause, you’re guaranteed to permanently remove the problem.

By focusing on the cause of the problem, with my help, the people who choose to work with me get a permanent solution

Picture this…

Imagine in just 90 days’ time, or maybe even less

  • Making clear, unrushed and resourceful decisions
  • Completing all personal and professional tasks, quickly, accurately and successfully
  • Managing personal relationships harmoniously and with greater fulfilment
  • Achieving increasingly greater results in less time and with greater reward
  • Knowing exactly where your life’s heading and the actions you can easily take to achieve your goals
  • Having a detailed and easily implementable formula to achieve your clearly defined goals
  • Taking meaningful actions, which bring immense rewards and no longer fills you with fear. From now on, resourceful action now happens naturally and effortlessly
  • No longer waking every morning with a sense of fear and dread. From now on wake with a sense of anticipation and excitement for your future.
  • Meeting all situations with entire and well founded personal confidence
  • Clearly visualising your goals and confidently knowing you can successfully achieve them
  • Becoming confident, capable, calm and strong at all times

Here’s how I can help you…

To work with me for a day to start to permanently remove stress, anxiety and overwhelm from clients lives costs £1,200!

Now, not everyone can meet my fees or work in such a concentrated environment.

So, I’ve created the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme.

This is a 12 week comprehensive yet easy to follow programme, packed with every one of my proven strategies to beat and remove stress, anxiety and overwhelm from your life. Every one of the techniques I’ll show you has been proven to benefit many different types of people, in many different situations, so I know they will work for you.

Over 90 days, I’ll guide you steadily through each stage of the process. Don’t worry, this is not a Boot camp, where I’ll march you relentlessly through your paces. No, this is about creating a steadily paced, yet permanent transformation together in your life, so you can go forward in complete and unmovable confidence.

By working together through this step-by-step programme, you’re never working on anything alone. The entire programme guides you every step of the way, steadily, logically and progressively building upon each previous breakthrough.

As we move from level to level, you’ll find your confidence and abilities increasing and, with my help, be eager to quickly advance to the next level.

From experience, I’ve found if left to fend for themselves and find solutions under their own steam, most people quickly stop dead in their tracks and lose all progress they’ve made.

I’m not going to let that happen to you. I’ll guide you every step of the way, right to the finish line.

Judith Burt, Small Business Owner“This programme has been hugely instrumental in helping me make a success of my transition from paid employee to self-employed business owner, which I was very anxious about doing. I felt supported by Claire throughout the programme and completely able to achieve my goals and ambitions. This programme helps you see the wood through the trees, to think laterally and obtain an alternative, refreshing perspective. I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to make breakthroughs.”

Together, over 90 days, we’ll discover…

Module 1

Discover your true strengths and values

The bedrock of the entire programme, your true inner strengths and values. In this module we create a firm foundation, by discovering what’s really important and the true strengths you naturally possess (but may not be aware of).

Module 2

Discover how to reduce and eliminate stress

This is where we see big transformations start. The programme begins at the very heart of the matter, working with techniques and tools to quickly eliminate stress.

Module 3

Increase personal Confidence

Now stress has been removed and thrown out of the window, we can start to quickly transform and build. The next step is to transform your personal confidence levels.

Module 4

Build your assertiveness

Gentle confident assertiveness is not only a powerful personal trait, it is also an attractive attribute. We’re not talking about aggression, or manipulation, but a strong but gentle ability to assert your ideas, opinions and desires to sway others to co-operate with you.

Module 5

Watch your language

The language patterns we use in our inner dialogue is often the underpinning of our downfalls. By understanding how our ‘inner voice’ speaks to us and changing the language it uses to be more empowered, we can quickly remove the obstacles barring our way to success.

Module 6

Actively create happiness

We can’t just wait around and hope happiness will just happen to us. As with everything in life we have to actively create it for ourselves. The problem is, many people just don’t know how to go about actively creating the happiness they desire.

In this module together we’ll explore proven strategies and actions which are guaranteed to generate an ever increasing sense of personal fulfilment and happiness.

Module 7

Increase self-belief

An extension of personal confidence, self-belief allows you to take meaningful and result focused action. By increasing self-belief, you can instantly take clear and decisive action, knowing beyond doubt you can achieve the results you desire.

Module 8

Effective time management

In almost all cases, people experience a sense of overpowering overwhelm, which leads to increased stress levels, resulting in continually and increasingly living on the back foot. You’ll discover how to quickly live life at YOUR pace and not other’s. You’ll discover how to use time in abundance, rather than continually feel there’s never enough of it.

Module 9

Massive motivation creation

Now we’ve removed stress, built confidence and self-belief and focused on your inner strength and what’s really important to you, it’s time for action.

The ability to take clear and meaningful action comes first by focused motivation.

In this module we’ll discover and build the motivation which will drive you forward to success and achievement.

Module 10

Memory capacity increase

When you’re rushed, stressed, lacking focus, anxious and tired, the first thing to suffer is your capacity to remember. Working with a diminished capacity to recall conversations, instructions, directions and events only adds to the stress.

Together we’ll work on simple, yet highly effective and proven strategies to compound your memory skills to new heights

Module 11

Increase your luck

Is there such a thing as luck? As golfer Gary Player once said “The harder I practice, the luckier I get!” In this module, I’ll show you exactly what you should practice daily to build an ever increasing ‘lucky streak’.

Module 12

Create a balanced life

In today’s busy world many people’s lives lack any sense of balance. To be completely happy and rewarded it’s important to set the ground rules and create balance for ourselves. But how?

In this final module, together we’ll work on establishing the ground rules for the rest of your life. The parameters by which you will operate to ensure your life functions from a basis of ‘designed balance’.

E. M. HR professional“Claire showed me how to make small, important changes, which transformed my confidence and even bigger breakthroughs followed. I started a new job and my partner and I have bought a lovely new family home. We are now talking about marriage and children.

I have never been happier than I am today and really appreciate what I have so much more than I did before. Thank you Claire.”

First, I’d like to explain, the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme is not for everyone.


It’s NOT for you if…

  • You expect a quick fix, overnight solution
  • You’re not prepared to put in a little effort to transform your life by following the programme
  • You’re not prepared to invest in your own future and discover the new life which is entirely possible for you to achieve

The programme IS for you if…

  • You no longer wish to accept your life as it is and want a proven track to make lasting transformation
  • You are committed to following a step-by-step programme to achieve the outcomes you desire
  • You are willing to invest in your own future and happiness to become confident, calm and capable

If you know you honestly fit into the second category, please read on.

As you know…

To work with me for a day together costs a minimum of £1,200!

Through our online store the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme retails at £497 (without bonuses)

However, for a very short time only (48 hours) you can secure your place on the programme for just £247.


That’s a massive 50% discount


To join the programme, just click the button below, now…

Option 1. One-off payment of £247

Option 2. Three equal monthly payments of just £97

But that’s not all…

I’ve decided to build in as much value to the programme for you as possible, to really make it a ‘no brainer’.

For just the next 48 hours I’m including the following fantastic bonuses.

Bonus #1

Fortnightly Q & A calls

Throughout your 12 week programme, I’ll be running fortnightly Q&A calls. That’s an additional 6 hours of time with me, to guide you along the way.

This is your opportunity to ask me any questions which may have arisen as you’ve worked through the programme and get direct feedback on any aspect of your development and progress.

These highly valuable sessions ensure we work together, to ensure you get the absolute maximum benefit from your investment in yourself and reach the finish line with a whole new world opening up.

You’ll get details of how to join each session directly from me well in advance, so there’s no chance of you missing them.

Value = £900

Bonus #2

Programme Members Forum

The Members Forum is exclusively for members only. We keep this strictly private.

Within the members forum you’re free to ask questions, offer and receive support from other members and share insights into your experiences and breakthroughs.

We’ve found this to be one of the greatest benefits of the programme.

Of course, I regularly ‘check in’ on the forum to offer advice, check on progress and understand how best I can support and help you.

Value = £300

Bonus #3

Quick Start Guide

For many people committing to a new programme can be a bit like ‘going in blind’. It’s sometimes a little daunting to see how it all fits together, which can lead to a slight sense of confusion and trepidation.

On the other hand, as soon as they’ve opted in many people just want to get started as soon as possible.

That’s why I’ve created the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme Quick Start Guide, to give you an immediate overview of the course, an at-a-glance roadmap to chart your progress and a clear blueprint of how to get started and the steps to follow along the way.

Value = £97

Total Bonus Value = £1,297

There’s even more…

My Personal 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The techniques and tools you’ll discover in the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme, are simple and straightforward to implement. The benefits you can expect are all the benefits which my clients have experienced after working with me, using these techniques and tools successfully, for over a decade. However, I understand you may still have one or two doubts that it can work for you.

That’s why I’ve included my personal 365 day guarantee.

I know, without any doubt, you will be 100% delighted by the results you will realise by implementing the techniques and tools I’ll show you in the “Free From Stress For Life” step-by-step programme.

I’m so confident you will get complete satisfaction and transformation, I’m happy for you to try the entire programme for a whole year.

That’s right, you have 365 days, from the date of purchase, to achieve the results you are looking for, using these proven and tested techniques, AND if you’re not entirely satisfied all you need to do is contact me and I will personally return your investment, IN FULL, no questions asked.

That way, I’ll take all the risk of investment, up front, for you.

You have no risk, whatsoever by investing in your future today.

Ken Norman, Key Client Manager“Since working with Claire’s programme, I feel more focused and much more assertive. I am now coping far better with the enormous number of tasks associated with running a business, home and my many other projects. I no longer feel guilty about saying ‘no’ nor resentful of ‘being taken advantage of’. I have so much more time to pursue things I enjoy doing.”

There’s no risk to you taking action to invest in your happier, brighter, more successful future right now.

Option 1. One-off payment of £247

Option 2. Three equal monthly payments of just £97

But, remember…

This offer is only available to you for 48 short hours!

After 48 hours has gone I’ll be removing the offer for good! The price will return to £497 and the bonuses will disappear.

So, to make that commitment to yourself, your brighter future and an end to stress, anxiety and overwhelm, it makes sense to take meaningful action now and secure these total benefits worth £1,794, for just…



£247 – single payment


£97 x 3


That’s less than £2.75 for each of your 90 days of life changing transformation

(Less than 1 cup of coffee per day!)

Option 1. One-off payment of £247

Option 2. Three equal monthly payments of just £97

By taking action now, you can ensure…

It’s time to start the journey together…

Option 1. One-off payment of £247

Option 2. Three equal monthly payments of just £97