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7 Questions to Boost Your Mood

How can you Boost Your Mood?  Our physical health and our mental wellbeing are so closely intertwined. Therefore both of these heavily impact on our mood.

I guess this has always been known but recently I have proved it for myself on several occasions.

7 Questions to Boost Your MoodI am generally a very positive and upbeat person however with many factors (outside of my control) seeming to take their toll from time to time this year, it has become ever more apparent, that when I feel lower in mood, my physical health is also giving me difficulties.

This feels very much like a chicken and egg situation and I have been seriously trying to work out which is causing which and at this point I’m not sure!

We all take our health so much for granted, however when you take even just a couple of minutes to remind yourself of how complex the human body is, you will realise that there is such a lot that we are taking for granted and therefore need to be thankful for, every single day.

When one part of our body causes us pain this will naturally lead to a lowering in mood as our thoughts will tend to be focused on that area of pain.

Sometimes it can be really helpful to get involved in an activity that is difficult or new to us, or to spend time with others, so that we can distract ourselves to some extent from this pain.

At other times we may just want to curl up on the sofa and ignore everyone and everything until we feel better.  Distracting your mind with a good book or the television may help to some extent, or give in completely and sleep if you can.

Usually our gut feeling will tell us which option is the best, at the time.

I have chosen each of these at different times and when I opt out I feel guilty for the things that I am not doing, yet the next day will probably turn out to be a more productive one as a result of taking that important time out to rest.

So it is true that both have their upsides and downsides.

I wonder, what helps you to feel really well, as often as possible?  Please let me know, simply email [email protected] .

When you struggle to feel upbeat, positive or fully well, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I feeling today?
  • Do I have any pain anywhere?
  • What might be triggering this pain (if any) and these feelings?
  • How can I alleviate the pain, both now and in the longer term?
  • What else can I do about this?
  • Who could help me?
  • What do I need to do to feel better?

If you write down / save to your phone the answers to these questions you will then have an easy ‘ready reckoner’ for the next time you may feel this way.  When we have a solution for a problem, we will always feel better and more in control.  When we DON’T have a solution, this is when we feel out of control, anxious and unable to cope.

Take time to think about your wellbeing, what you can do to improve it each and every day and thus prevent physical and mental lows.  This is not selfish, it is vital.  Remember, you are soooo worth it.

I am passionate about improving wellbeing.  If you would like to discuss wellbeing further, or if you would like to develop a Wellbeing Group within your team or organisation, simply get in touch via [email protected] and I can share with you how to easily do this.