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April 2015

What does your Utopia look like?

Having hosted the #ReOTD (Reflection Of The Day) Twitter chat recently with a topic that was ‘Balancing Leadership and Life’ it got me thinking… (My next blog in my alphabetical series is this one and as it is time for the letter ‘U’ I have chosen to write about Utopia.) When we reflect for example on ‘What does a balanced life look like to you?’ it will be likely that …Read More

Symptoms of stress

Symptoms of stress, we all need to watch out for… This is a true story about stress and how it can present itself. I am very pleased to have met Ross Ferguson via Twitter and he has kindly written a guest blog on a subject that I feel is relevant to my connections.  I hope you enjoy it – and many thanks to Ross for sharing this. Ross Ferguson is …Read More

Create your own Feel Good File

As a small gift to you I have created this blog post from a one page download which I often share with clients, Create your own Feel Good File. Whenever you are feeling a little under par or lacking in confidence, use this information to immediately give yourself a boost. If you spend some time thinking about your good friends, fun activities, reasons to be happy in general, you will …Read More