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October 2013

Expect the best

In the fifth of my ‘alphabetical’ blogs I am going to write about our expectations and the reasons that I believe we should all ‘Expect the best’. Think for a moment and answer these questions… what do you tend to expect (to happen), whether on a daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or annual basis? Do you expect good or bad things to occur generally? Do you wake up in …Read More

Delegate Diligently

Continuing with my Alphabet Blogs, I am now up to ‘D’.  For this week’s blog I have chosen to cover the art of Delegation.  Learn to Delegate Diligently.  Too many people that I encounter lead very busy lives yet they frequently have a team who are able to help them. So why are these people so busy? It is probably because often they are caught up in the belief that …Read More

Choose Calm

In the third in my series of Alphabet Blogs, I am going to write about why I would like you to ‘Choose Calm’ as a preferred attitude and the benefits of choosing this, over a stressful attitude. With the whole world being ‘ON’ the whole time, creating a state of calm can be rather elusive, to say the least. Unfortunately, most of us have become accustomed to being disturbed or …Read More