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July 2013

No time for coaching and training in your firm?

Sometimes firms feel that they do not have time for coaching and training, to implement new ideas and processes in their firm, to develop their people. Life is always busy and targets need to be met but how can people develop and improve on their personal performance and targets, if time isn’t set aside for this to take place? As my work has been predominantly with those who are exceedingly …Read More

Listen to your staff to improve productivity

Did you see Undercover Boss this week?  I have often enjoyed this TV programme, the situations that are discovered as a result of this process always fascinate me. Each business is different but the common thread throughout is that people really do appreciate being valued, having their ideas listened to and when relevant, implemented. Last night it was Geoff Zeidler’s turn, MD from SecuritasUK.  I missed the very beginning of …Read More