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May 2013

So you’ve set yourself up in business, now what?

It is true that many more people are now setting up in business on their own, to make a living from either a product or service that they are passionate about and to become in charge of their own destiny. But what happens next? I work with many clients who have been running their own business for a couple of years or so and have been doing OK but they …Read More

Ways to overcome stress

Ways to overcome Stress…  What causes stress? Many things can lead to stress and anxiety in life.  Happily a lot of them can be overcome and stress can be reduced if you are open to change and doing things differently. I often find that people who feel out of control with their work or relationships feel stressed. So what can be done to reduce stress and anxiety and regain control …Read More

How to cope well with difficult situations

During the last several days I have been in a very difficult situation.  I have had major problems with my emails – I can send them but I cannot receive them – which is not good when I am running a business. Alongside this my website has been completely unavailable for almost three weeks and the peak of my concern was the day that I was told that my website …Read More