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August 2012

Save money by creating a happiness at work culture

Do you believe in saving money to keep your business afloat and successful? Do you also value your team and employ a strategy which ensures there are high levels of happiness at work? During my work as a coach since 2003, I have encountered companies that spend a lot of time and money on recruitment as their employees come and go. This is all part of a natural progression for …Read More

Could YOU be an Undercover Boss?

How to re-energise your company… I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Undercover Boss’ series on Channel 4 over recent weeks. In each episode the boss of the company, by going ‘undercover’ within his own organisation found out all sorts of information from the people at the front line. This information could rarely have been found out by other means, yet proved so valuable that it often resulted in huge changes being made …Read More