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July 2012

How to be happy

Would you like to learn how to be happy?  What are the reasons that you’re not feeling as happy as you’d like to be?  If you struggle to be happy more often than not, think about what is causing you to feel unhappy and what you can do about it. I.            Is the cause of your unhappiness, something that you can change or control?  If it is, what will you …Read More

4 ways to find and connect with prospective new clients

This is a guest blog post by the wonderful and inspiring Mike Ames from http://mikeames.wordpress.com/ and http://www.flair.co.uk/ I first met Mike when he was speaking at a networking event near to Banbury, in Bloxham Mill Business Centre, when he asked me to write on the flipchart for him whilst he gave his presentation, so that he didn’t have his back to the audience. Since then we have communicated at various …Read More