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15 Values for Success

I would like to share with you my 15 Values for Success which I always aim to live by.  Feel free to let me know of your favourite Values too.

Values determine how we choose to live our lives.  They are the essence of our beliefs and will link to our actions and behaviours.  They are what spur us on to achieve our goals; they also prevent us from making mistakes (most of the time!) as long as we have them uppermost in our minds.

15 Values for Success

1              HEALTH

Looking after our own health is fundamental to our whole life so this has to come first.

2              HAPPINESS

Being happy increases our health both physically and mentally so choosing to take time to do the activities that make you happy is essential.

3              HONESTY

Being honest means that we don’t have to remember so much – what we said to whom, we just know that whatever we said, it was the truth.

4              SERENITY

I thrive in a calm environment – this provides the opportunity to think more clearly, to work more productively and to feel at one with myself and my environment.

5              STRENGTH

Inner strength is vital – it is developed by focusing on creating a good state of mind, positive thoughts, being mindful and being open to the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of others.

6              KINDNESS

Always treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

7              GRATITUDE

Feeling grateful for our lives and for all that we share is a relaxing way of being. When we feel grateful we are not continually searching for more, we are satisfied with what we have and where we are now.


The way that we communicate with others can be misinterpreted to create either positive or negative consequences – we need to learn and develop exceptional communication skills if we are to connect with others successfully.

9              POSITIVITY

Always choose positive over negative – it creates a life which is brighter for you as well as for those around you.  Negativity can destroy and hurt ourselves and others all too easily.

10           HUMOUR

I love humour.  Where would we be without humour?  It is good to laugh and it is good to be able to see the funny side of situations, often this can be especially useful when things are not going as well as we would hope.

11           PASSION

I believe in being passionate about the people, activities, places that matter most to me in life.  If we do not have passion for all that is important to us, then we are not truly living a fulfilled life.

12           FREEDOM

We are all free to choose what we do with our lives (to a greater or lesser extent) and it is essential to embrace this and remind ourselves of this frequently.

13           SELF-WORTH

Many people struggle with self-worth from time to time, this can be as a result of external factors which can knock confidence and this then negatively impacts our self-worth.

When we remember to actively think well of ourselves we will keep our level of self-worth high.

14           ASSERTIVENESS

Saying ‘no’ saves you time and keeps you sane.  Aim to use it whenever possible.

15           FAMILY TIME

Spending time with family and friends is essential for me.  Being able to relax in a friendly environment is a great way to recharge and reflect on the busyness of our lives.

What are your most important values for your success and how well are you living by them?

Do let me know [email protected] or text/call 07783 107 236. I look forward to hearing from you.  When we are certain of our values, it helps us to make better sense of everything else.