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  • My confidence had been severely reduced and broken by a legal battle and isolation I had felt as a result. I had convinced myself I had accepted and moved on but this programme made me realise I was still letting those events restrict me and many aspects of my life... I am more comfortable in my own skin now; I am thinking forward in terms of my employment and find I am aware of the positives I can offer. Claire's programme has also made me challenge some of my personal insecurities. I highly recommend Claire and the Free from Stress programme especially.

    NHS Manager

  • Before I started working with Claire via her Free from Stress programme I was feeling distraught with my relationship with my husband. It was very damaging to the children and all of us. I wasn't sure whether I could overcome this or not. Now I feel much more in control of my emotions and I am dealing with issues in a much better way. I have learnt not to over-react, wait and see, don't try and fix it. I feel happier and more in control of the situation and much calmer. The whole family is far closer now.

    B Taylor, Business Owner

  • I really like the defined modules so that i only need to consider one area at a time. I feel that the Free from Stress programme is cathartic and beneficial - it's good to have a rant in a safe place! I also like looking back at earlier modules and noticing how I am improving. It helps me to be me and to feel secure in myself.


  • Claire is a warm, understanding coach who gives wonderfully practical advice. I followed her ‘More Hours in the Day’ online programme – the aim of which is to liberate 10 hours a week from your schedule. I admit I was initially sceptical – I didn’t think it was possible to leverage ANY ‘extra’ time, let alone 10 hours! I created an ‘ideal’ work week on paper and, to be honest, it felt like a fantasy. But I was delighted to be proved wrong! Not only have I moved into my ideal work week, I’ve created new boundaries in my work and life, found balance and, best of all, I've actually got more than 10 hours left to play with! I’m amazed at the difference it has made. I now spend more time with family and friends and feel more positive generally. Thanks so much Claire! x

    Business owner with not enough time!

  • I found the Free from Stress programme really made me think about other areas of my life. The questions are not pushy or aggressive, but timely, friendly, I feel that I really know Claire now through our work together. I considered it to be quality time for me and I enjoyed it. I have got clarity around what is important (to me).

    Practice Nurse

  • I made some good decisions with an independent adult, who acted as a 'critical' friend. The biggest changes I made were a sense of decisiveness, a sense of well-being and a feeling of confidence that the decisions that I was making were thought through. This gave me a sense of peace. I also felt that I had gone through a sense of personal renewal, a sense that I could move forward with my life and that I was doing the best for my children and me.

    Roger W

  • I have run my own business for 22 years and have been setting up another venture. I have a busy home life with 2 teenage children. Claire has helped me to develop a time table to manage my weekly affairs more effectively as well as prioritising the various demands that life brings. I feel less stressed balancing work and family life. Claire is amazing, definitely 10/10.

    Russell D, Business Owner

  • I really enjoy working with Claire. She brings a sense of calm and order to my slightly cluttered and at times disorderly mind! She is enthusiastic, challenging and makes one feel a lot more confident about one's abilities. After working together I feel a lot more able to take on the world.

    David B, Business Owner

  • Making small changes helped my confidence and bigger changes followed. I started a new job and my partner and I have bought a lovely new family home and are now talking about marriage and children. I have never been happier than I am today and appreciate what I have so much more than I did before.

    E. M, HR manager

  • I feel more focused and more assertive. I am now coping better with the enormous number of tasks associated with running a business, home and other projects. I don't feel guilty about saying 'no' nor resentful of 'being taken advantage of'. I have more time to pursue things I enjoy doing.

    Ben N, Business Owner

  • I feel a lot more confident and focused. I fell that I can tackle the challenges ahead. I know I can break seemingly impossible projects down into manageable tasks and I know I am on the way to successfully rebuilding a new life for myself.

    S Robert, self employed

  • Claire is a good listener. She's not too hasty to give her thoughts and advice, reflecting carefully upon what she says to you before doing so. She's also decisive though with her thoughts which gives one confidence and she uses an array of good tools in her programmes, activities and approaches to stimulate reflection. Her positive approach makes you feel important, cared for and understood.


  • I loved the openness and positive effect of being able to be completely honest about the issues holding me back. Claire is committed to helping you overcome the things holding you back and giving you practical and effective steps towards success.

    Becky M

  • When I first starting working with Claire, she asked me what my principal concerns were. We focused on these and Claire has helped me think about how to prioritise, think positive and manage my time and the team that I work with. We are continually moving towards a smarter way of working. Claire has also encouraged me to find time for myself and my family outside work which has helped me to gain a better perspective on my concerns at work. I definitely recommend Claire.

    Partner in firm of Chartered Surveyors

  • Finding myself 3/4 of the way through Claire’s More Hours in the Day programme I can honestly say I have made significant changes to the way I work, think and operate. I am more focused, more assertive and getting much, much more done. I know this sounds corny but I’ve found more “me” time too.

    Ken N

  • I finally can see a way to leave the job I hated and try something I have always wanted to. I don’t feel as trapped as I once did or as scared!I have also learnt to try to think more positively and dismiss the horrible things I used to tell myself. You get what you expect and instead of expecting and feeling rubbish, I am trying hard to expect good outcomes and good things. Before coaching I felt unhappy, muddled, trapped and afraid of what the future was holding; I believed that I had no choice as to what I could do, that the outcome was inevitable. Since coaching with Claire I feel much better! I still have my moments but am more able to cope. I feel that I do have choices and that if I don’t like something I can change it, that there is a way and I am in control!!


  • I have found it enormously valuable to be able to bring up anything I feel is a block to my success, and you have helped me with them all! It’s great that your programmes allow people to explore the things most important to them.

    Rebecca, Banbury.

  • Someone objective to work with who is outside the circle. Goals and targets to reach - a bit of necessary discipline. I feel less stressed, generally more happy and relaxed, fitter than I have been for a long time.

    Andrew B

  • As a result of working with Claire’s programme I have been more able to look forward at the future and make plans. I’ve also been able to prioritise me a little more in my planning and make changes on assertiveness and being positive. I now feel more hopeful, more cheerful and a sense that the future is mine to define…this is developing. The best part of coaching for me has been sharing my thoughts with a neutral party about all aspects of my life. With friends and family I can share only some, not all of those aspects. I found it useful to give someone an entire picture of the personal, the professional and the prosaic.

    S. Barker

  • Claire has been hugely instrumental in helping me make a success of my transition from paid employee to self-employed business owner. She’s very supportive and is truly passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and ambitions. She helps you see the wood through the trees, she thinks laterally to provide an alternative perspective, yet manages to inject her sharp sense of humour and fun without detracting from the seriousness of the matters at hand. I would certainly recommend her.

    Self-employed business woman

  • Claire has established an enviable reputation as a leading coach in the area. Her commitment and dedication to her role is remarkable – but doesn’t stop her being a charming and sociable member of the community.

    Business owner

  • I can completely recommend Claire Fuller. Totally invaluable for businesses like mine where you can give yourself the time needed to focus on what you want from your business and life generally – yes, you can have a life!

    Managing Director

  • Claire is by far the best and most intuitive coach for business and life and has an insight which is second to none. Claire has been instrumental in focusing me to move my business to the next level, at the same time as persuading me that it is possible to run a business as well as having a life. Claire has the ability to bring the most important issues to the fore, even when you don’t know yourself what they are. She is an excellent coach, professional, and an expert in her field. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    Self employed business owner

  • Working within a tight team the boundary between friend and colleague is often blurred and can lead to potential conflict. Using claire fullers skills as an independent third party provided an ideal solution. Claire proved invaluable in allowing staff to talk freely and openly. She has made the team stronger and management simpler, allowing me to get on with business.

    J Young, London, Whitmarsh Holt Young